60 Post Title Ideas for your Business Blog

60 Post Title Ideas for your Business Blog

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes

Writers cramp hits us all at some point no matter how much we plan our content. And when those times happen, I look for inspiration from other bloggers. It’s great to draw off each other for in doing so we support each other and it keeps the blogging industry flourishing.

So, if you’re feeling in a rut and need some ideas for blog posts, hopefully you’ll find it here today!

60 Post Title Ideas for your Business Blog

  1. 10 facts that most people probably don’t know about your business
  2. Q&A session with your followers (have them submit questions that you can answer in a post)
  3. What’s on your reading list
  4. Favorite products your company produces and why
  5. How you stay inspired to blog
  6. Share personal stories about your employees or colleagues
  7. Goals you want to achieve for your business
  8. Bloggers you like to follow and why
  9. Your favorite mobile apps
  10. Inside tour of your business
  11. Announce a giveaway
  12. Lessons you learned last month/year
  13. Share a client’s success stories or case study
  14. What’s new in your industry
  15. How you manage your time
  16. Promote a single product or service
  17. Do you have a pet? Does your pet come to work with you?
  18. How you use a planner to stay organized
  19. Where do you straw your inspiration from to create your products/services
  20. YouTubers you like to watch
  21. Share projects you’re currently working on (with pics)
  22. Blog resources you recommend
  23. What would you do differently if you could?
  24. What you wished you knew about blogging back when you first started
  25. Lessons you’ve learned about business from a mentor
  26. Honoring the person/people who were influential in your life
  27. Your morning/evening routine
  28. How you to stay fit and healthy
  29. Software desktop programs you can’t live without
  30. Bible scriptures or quotes that keep you uplifted and inspired
  31. Business or technology trends you follow
  32. Photo tips you use for your blog and social
  33. Top social networks you use the most
  34. Starting an online home business
  35. Why did you start blogging?
  36. How you conquer boredom
  37. How do you handle negative feedback
  38. Tips to balance out business and family life
  39. Advice you’d give a young person starting out
  40. Product review or sponsored post (if you’re working with a brand company)
  41. Monthly roundup of tools/products/apps you’re using a lot
  42. Travel/packing tips
  43. Any training or continuing education you’re taking
  44. Discuss any volunteer efforts your company does
  45. Outreach opportunities in your community
  46. Your best meal prepping tips
  47. Local charities/causes in your area that you support
  48. Award(s) you’ve received
  49. Resources you recommend for a startup business
  50. Announce an upcoming or clearance sale
  51. Spruce up a previous post (especially if you linked to other sources where the information has changed)
  52. Your favorite restaurants to frequent
  53. Your best/worst moment and what you learned from it
  54. Games you like to play (phone/Facebook/video/board/card)
  55. How do you relax?
  56. Items you sale that would make great gifts
  57. Follow you and/or your colleagues for a day
  58. Do you plan business events? Share you event planning tips
  59. Blogging resources you can’t live without
  60. Tips about running an internet/online business

Be sure to keep a tablet and pen with you to write down any ideas as they can come and go in an instant! I do this and even if I go in a different direction than my initial thought as I’m writing, I still can use the original idea in a future post and it may spark future topics.

It’s not unusual to run into moments of struggling to create new and exciting content but it also doesn’t mean you’re failing. Blogging can be frustrating at times so if the ideas just aren’t coming, try these couple of tips:

  1. Walk away and do something else or take a walk outside to clear your mind. Then, you can try to work on that post. A change in scenery always helps me!
  2. Move onto another task. This can help you focus on something else and you’d be surprised how after you concentrate on another job how the ideas will flow back.

Blogging is very much like any relationship… it takes work but it can also be very rewarding.

What methods do you use to create content for your blog? Tell us by leaving a comment below!